Brow Lamination (Fluffy Brows)

Brow lamination is a treatment that involves restoring the brow form by applying a chemical solution to put the hairs in place. In the first phase, a cream is administered to the brow hairs to break down connections and allow them to be manipulated into a new position. Another cream is then administered in the second stage to re-establish these bonds and align the brows in their new uniform position. This technique also makes the hairs more porous, giving them a thicker appearance.

If requested, we can take this one step further, using a high-resolution tint to dye the brow hairs in the desired colour after the lamination procedure.

We then continue to shaping/waxing the brows and cleaning up any stray hairs after mapping out the brow form.

Finally, we can apply a high-definition brow pencil to any sparse areas and a high-definition brow highlighter to highlight and clean up the brow.

45 Minutes
  • £5 Deposit Required